Training Courses

We offer a range of accredited training courses at venues in the North West. All courses listed are available in-house, subject to suitable facilities. For more information on in-house training, please contact us. AEH Training Solutions is approved by the Department for Transport (DfT) and Transport Security Division (TRANSEC) to conduct training in regard to Aviation (Cargo) Security, at all levels. A requirement for Regulated Agents airlines, and anyone involved in the handling and access to known cargo.

Level A - General Awareness
Image: Files General Awareness is the minimum level of training required by all staff of Regulated Agents with any access to, or involvement with, export air cargo. More Info
Level B - Drivers
Image: Lorry Level B is entirely new, and is the qualification that drivers need for them to be able to transport cargo to and from airports as well as air freight on behalf of regulated agents. More Info

Level D - Handling / Preparation of Cargo
Image: Cargo On Conveyor Belt For staff who carry out security functions - for example, operators, clerks and warehouse personnel. More Info
Level E
Image: X-Ray Machine For all personnel of Regulated Agents who are undertaking screening of export air cargo either by handsearch or x-ray. More Info

Level F
Image: Man Talking On Walkie Talkie Aimed at Security Supervisors within Regulated Agents who are responsible for the day-to-day supervision of export airfreight operations. More Info
Level G
Image: Security Manager The Air Cargo Security Level G course is required by the Nominated Security Manager within Regulated Agents. More Info

Refresher Training
Image: Students In The Classroom Refresher training is mandatory for all personnel holding Air Cargo Security certificates and is to be undertaken at least every 24 months. More Info
NXCT Air Cargo
Image: X-Ray Machine TRANSEC has established a National X-Ray Competency Test (NXCT) for screeners using x-ray equipment to screen items for carriage by air. More Info