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AEH Training Solutions provides training and consultancy in Airport Cargo Security at all levels. Our professional employees have extensive knowledge of Airport Cargo Security gained from over twenty years in the aviation security industry. We are a fully accredited Department of Transport training organisation, that can be as flexible as possible in delivering training, at a time and location that meets our clients needs.

All cargo which is to be carried on either a domestic or international flight originating in the UK must be screened to a standard sufficient reasonably to ensure that it does not carry a prohibited article such as an incendiary or explosive device. The screening process will involve a number of different techniques, which can be carried out either by the airline or a regulated agent. Once screened, cargo must be stored and transported in secure conditions until it is placed on an aircraft. Validations will be carried out by independent validators, appointed by DfT and all with experience of Air Cargo Security. AEH Training Solutions is one of these independent validators.

Changes to the Air Cargo Regime

Over the past two years there have been significant changes to the Air Cargo Regime. These changes began with the introduction in Autumn 2008, by the Department for Transport (DfT) new syllabus for Air Cargo Security Training. The following chart shows how the new levels of training correspond with the old levels.

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Our services are designed to complement or strengthen your existing security arrangements and are based on your need for effectiveness and efficiency. With our extensive experience of the aviation industry, we apply a real-world commercialism to your security needs to ensure your procedures can be implemented effectively to enhance your competitiveness.

AEH Training Solutions prides itself on experience and developing customised courses to meet the needs of organisations both large and small. Our business aim is to provide effective business solutions for our client base, meeting their specifications, within a suitable timescale, ensuring our clients are prepared and equipped to achieve their organisational objectives.

What We Offer

Image: Students In The ClassroomWe are a fully accredited training organisation that can be as flexible as possible to deliver training at a time that has minimal impact on the operation of your business. Training is delivered in a fully participative style that enables the trainee to readily apply the knowledge gained, to their everyday work, increasing their productivity and effectiveness. We focus on delivering training in a stimulating and interesting way.

Our atmosphere will be friendly and productive, where trainees can question, clarify and extend their personal knowledge. We are able to offer tailor made training programmes to meet your individual requirements. We deliver public workshops, along with in-house training that can be delivered at your premises. In-house training can be more convenient and cost effective for your company. For further details please contact AEH Training Solutions.

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Our clients include:-